Winter 2016-17, Vol. 21, No. 1

Financial Resilience: What it Means to the Local Government Manager

by Joseph P. Casey, Chesterfield County, Virginia

A Virginia County Administrator brings the financial resilience concept to ground level for the local government manager, emphasizing four key components: engaging stakeholders, earning trust, countering emotional decision-making, and deploying economic development incentives.

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America’s Progress Hinges on Resilient Public Universities

by Mary Sue Coleman, Association of American Universities

The President of the Association of American Universities argues that aggressive action is needed by many sectors of society—state and federal governments, the private sector, and universities themselves—to ensure the long-term financial resilience of our public institutions of higher learning.

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Enterprise Risk Management: A Key to Organizational Resilience and Self-Defense

by Thomas H. Stanton, Johns Hopkins University

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) frees up the flow of information within an organization to help leaders anticipate and prepare for strategic, “big picture” risks. The author discusses the strengths of ERM compared with other forms of risk management, the types of organizations that ERM can (and cannot) benefit, and the basic steps for implementing ERM.

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Making Capital Funding Reasonable, Stable, and Sustainable in Orange County, Virginia

by Glenda E. Bradley, Orange County, Virginia

Capital Improvement Planning helps a Virginia county government plan for upcoming capital expenditures over time, firewalling the operating budget from the capital fund and avoiding ad-hoc emergency procurements to replace deteriorating equipment.

Director’s Experience Building Resiliency in Local Government Informs Graduate Certificate Programs at SPIA

by Stephanie Davis, Virginia Tech School of Public and International Affairs

The Director of SPIA’s Graduate Certificate in Public and Non-Profit Financial Management discusses how she implemented financial resilience principles as a county Finance Director, and how SPIA’s certificate program teaches these concepts to students.

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